Puttin’ a little paint where it aint..


Bilal and I go way back.

He sure did have a way making us men feel envious insecure about ourselves. Damn.

But I’m sure we’ll all agree that nothing used to set the mood better than some Neo-Soul (especially when it first went mainstream).

Automatic panty-dropping music was what it was.

So I guess that’s how Bilal’s album “1st Born Second” got on my playlist for the very first time cerca 2003. At a time when R’n’B appeared to hit a plateau, cats like Bilal, Maxwell, Musiq Soulchild, Anthony Hamilton filled in the void quite nicely with all that jazzy jungle boogie soulful pimp music that was definitely unmatched and dare I say, amazing orgasmic music. Okay, I take that back, that may have just been the adolescent raging hormones and overactive imagination on sexual hyperdrive.

In short, Neo-Soul definitely changed my whole perspective on expression, passion and seduction. Don’t ask me how Bilal’s name ended up floating in my thoughts … anyways, I went digging in my vault of seductive grooves to find something from the man himself: Mr. B*eloved. I*ntelligent. L*ustful A*nd. L*ivin’ it (Bilal) :-

Bilal – Soul Sista

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