On and on..

“Now why you wanna go and do dat love, huh..”

If I got a cent for every time I refused to hold my tongue even though I knew that my “twisted” t h o u g h t s would end up sounding all wrong and lead my lady and I straight into an argument, I’d probably have a stack of notes by now. The post-tiff feeling is especially crummy on this my bluest of all the days in the week, Sunday’s.
Thank God for music though.. not just Dilla beats, but whatever tune that ends up my shuffle playlist. So after listening to old school R n B this morning, Enya while doing my laundry and house-cleaning, I’ve ended up on youtube looking for something to distract me from blueness and arguments-that-shouldn’t-have-happened.
Sidenote: Anyone notice Alek Wek in the video? Yuumm 😉

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