Train of..


It’s been a whirlwind week for me but through it all I tried to keep up with the happenings here and there. So indulge me for a moment as I rewind back to the beginning of the week and share what my thoughts were on the various random gwans that went down.

First off I’m still amused at the uproar of discontent over the new facebook layout. Personally I like it. All I need to do is stare at the homepage for like 4 minutes straight and it tells me what each of my 200 odd friends are upto. Only like-minded facebook stalkers could’ve masterminded such a brilliant lay-out. Plus, is it just me or is Facebook starting to resemble Twitter more and more (Do I hear a merger, anyone?).

Moving on, I was on my way to work Monday morning and I start flipping through the papers on the bus like I usually do and then I saw this. The image alone is unforgettable but the fact that this boy actually survived remains for me proof that miracles DO happen.

On a lighter note, I was reading the same newspaper and came along this story. On the surface, its not much but when you think about just how much South Africa has been on the news lately especially in relation to drug trafficking, makes you wonder but I laughed it off and moved on.

The other big event that went down this week is the Pope‘s visit to the Motherland. I started hearing about hearing about preparations for the papal visit last week but what really made front-page news was the statement he made before leaving for his African safari. Truth be told, this is statement probably would’ve gone unnoticed if South Africa’s President-to-be Jacob Zuma said it- but still, why was everyone so shocked that it came from His Holiness? Hello! He’s the Pope for Heaven’s sake! I’m not belittling the real danger we all face from living in a world infected with AIDS but what else would you be expected to say if you were Bishop of Rome, the head of the Roman Catholic Church a.k.a ‘God’s Representative on Earth’. The Church has been preaching abstinence for eons together with a whole range of other unpopular messages inter alia, no sex before marriage etc.. So shame on all of you who got sucked into the media’s sensationalised coverage of this “shocking news”.

In my very busy moments throughout this week, I often skimmed through articles in the news and shamlessly took sides without even fully analysing the full facts. For instance, on the Madagascar issue, I sided with the Opposition for mounting an army-led civilian coup and reclaiming their country from dictatorial rule. See Zimbabwe, that’s how it’s done! In other news, I also sided with Obama for putting AIG in its place.

Moving on, closer to ‘home’, I came across this. The nude hikers are of no interest to me, but more the underlying idea behind this article; the whole notion of Swiss secrecy. The first thing that comes to mind is Swiss bank’s secrecy laws. I wasnt too concerned about the recent disputes over white collar crooks who had been using these Swiss laws as off-shore tax havens to stash their loot without the INS and the Feds getting their cut. But it starts bugging me when I realise that these are the same banking secrecy laws that have made it possible for our so-called African leaders to drain Africa’s resources dry and get away scot-free. As far as I’m concerned all these banks have blood on their hands.

To be continued…

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