One whole week of neglecting this blog was bound to happen.

Her visit was just the replenishing ( a la Anais Nin) we needed.
Early this morning I came close to tears when I saw her off at the Airport … such sweet sorrow it was.

Whinning aside, I thank God for delivering my babycakes to me for the 10 odd days she was here..

The truth is that being with her will continue to be an uphill battle. The distance, the time apart and all the things that may happen in both our lives will always make us feel like its not worth fighting for.

But I have gained a whole new level of trust in her and I trust that what we are building together will endure and that we can have more dinners in small kitchens where I tell everyone just how far we’ve come as a couple and how unluckily it seemed that her and me could have ever worked out.

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