Sins of the Flesh..


39 days and 39 nights to go.

Call me old fashioned but I refuse to disclose the object (s) of my Lenten fast.

Lent is supposed to be the time we shed all those worldly things that often take control of our lives in order to renew our spiritual selves.

For me, this is and should always be a personal exercise requiring not only candid introspection but also critical reflection on all the areas of our spiritual lives that need attention. Therefore whether people know what you’re giving up or not doesnt affect the price of tea in China, as one colleague nicely put it.

But I guess that’s just me.

Anyways, just for kicks, here’s a couple of things some of my friends will be giving up for Lent for this year- in no particular order:

1. NO Sex:
One very ambitious fellow told me he’s giving up sex a la 40 days and 40 nights but I doubt he’ll last the week.
As for myself: been there, done that – I even threw in a NO kissing restriction for good measure.
Although that particular Lenten season coincided with a dry-spell I was having at the time so I guess it wasnt too hard to endure an extra 40 days and nights.

2. NO Facebook:

One of my friends told me that she was giving fb up but this morning I noticed she’d updated her status:
” Sarah is thinking that giving up Facebooking for Lent will be a piece of cake.”
then 2 hours later:
“Sarah is …”
then a couple of minutes ago:
“Sarah cant wait for Lent to be over.. this is haarrrd!”

can you spell ‘addict’?

3. NO Alcohol:
This is a common one. Smoking too. But most people are social drinkers and smokers anyways so I guess the only difference now is that cancer sticks and liquour will be enjoyed secretly.

4. NO Salt and/or sugar:
This one isnt as easy as it looks especially if you factor in both food and drinks although it would probably work if you stick to having all your meals yourself and carefully controlling the content of your fluid intake.

5. NO swearing:
I happen to know alot of potty mouthed multi-lingual verbal abusers who are giving up swearing this Lent. That’s like me waking up one morning and deciding I’m going to go around speaking in an Australian accent all day long. But, I admire them for realising that their swearing is a vice which not only harms them but it also affects the people around them.


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