Mardi Gras..

or Shrove Tuesday as most Christians would call it.

Well, Lent starts tomorrow and so followers usually take this day to feast, drink and make merry before the Lenten season, with all the fasting that comes with it, begins.
In 2008, around this time, I over-indulged in the flesh and exorcised my demons on poor unsuspecting women I laid claim to, fulfilling my innermost carnal desires (aka I was on the rebound).

But I’m in a much better place than I was around this time last year so I am doing things a bit differently this year.
I will observe Shrove Tuesday in my own joyful way but solemnly; thinking, breathing, as well as reflecting on the long journey that has brought me to this point..
In addition, it is customary to decide what one thing I will sacrifice
for the next 40 days..

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