On the Midnight Bus to Délices..


Looking at my watch, its about that time. I’ve got a bus to catch.

When stealing wireless internet signals floating around my appartment building failed, I resorted to packing up my laptop and coming to work where the internet works. Staying connected with my world and the person I care about has become an absolute necessity and I have refused to let a small thing like this country’s draconian broadband and ADSL packages stop me from accessing the net!
My only regret is that buses stop running a little after midnight which doesnt leave me a whole lot of time to spend with H.E.R but hey.. its better than nothing, right?!!

So, time to bid H.E.R adieu and good night on skype then leave.

In 7 days, she’ll finally be here with me. I cant wait. For now, we’re still connected, but apart.

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