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As far as the proverbial Christmas miracle goes, I am forever grateful to the Almighty for giving me a family I can always depend on, a woman I can love with all my heart and a life which I plan to make the most of no matter what happens in 2009.
In reality, Xmas this year seems to have caught me in a state of limbo. My family here with me is also in a similar state of uncertainty. So the only wrapping and packing taking place in my household has involved putting all our stuff in boxes that will have to be shipped back home. Trips to the malls and shops downtown are brief and lack-lustre since all I’m really buying is the basics; no bottle of anything, no snacks or yummy treats, just counting down the days until we leave yet another country.
However, this time I am determined to fight this impending move and forge a new life here on my own but… that doesnt seem to be going too well at the moment.

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