This is what my worrisome face looks like; back against the wall, waiting for the results. Alot of things in my life seem to be hanging in the balance right now. The convergence of uncertainties surrounding my love, my life and health, my career as well as my future home make the next few days so critical.
This year started on a very difficult note for me and I seem to have plunged right back into all the stress and uncertainty that I was faced with then. However, I have to believe that the past that I’ve worked so hard to learn from and move past, the bad luck that seemed to follow me everywhere I went and poison everything I touched, are both finally behind me.
Dont get me wrong, I’m scared shitless about alot of things even those aspects of my life that I’ve always been certain about are suddenly not so clear-cut, black and white. BUT I have to believe that all this is just a test. A test of just how badly I want to break away from this past, whether my prayers have finally been heard and answered. Will I be ready and willing to accept whatever is thrown my way?

My test starts today with a trip to a potential employer…