There Is No Cholera in Bob’s World..

my heart really goes out to Zim.

The word “dictator” is thrown around alot these days but Bob is surely in a class of his own by now; a man who is able to literally hold an entire country and its people hostage and yet he continues to insist that all is well within Zim’s borders.

If you thought that the latest devastating cholera epidemic would FINALLY make Cde Mugabe come to his senses and admit he has failed both as a sitting “Head of State” and as Zimbabwe’s liberator, then SHAME ON YOU.

If the hyperinflation, country-wide poverty and hunger as well as a just concluded “elections” didnt even come close to stopping Mugabe, what made us all think that this “Cholera cause” would be any different?

One thought on “There Is No Cholera in Bob’s World..

  1. It’s only 800 plus deaths and thousands suffering….cholera? What cholera? My heart goes out to the Zimbabwean people who have this character for a president! Indeed, shame on us for thinking even this would move him…

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